NuCool - Do not stand behind their products.

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

In December of 2008 I bought my husband a Nucool compact refrigerator.This is used to keep his insulin within reach for him.

About three weeks ago it stopped cooling. I have talked to three of your customer service people who say since I can not produce the receipt they will not do anything.

I have the box, with the shiiping dagte to the store (11/13/2008) so doesn't this tell you that I bought it after 11/13/2008?????so why does this not account for a receipt??????????At this point I guess I have just spent 89.00 for some foreign junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would like some kind of action taken on this.



I have an orange NuCool compact refrigerator I bought for my classroom and it quit working after less than one year. It quit cooling, as well. They may be pretty, but they seem to be junk.

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